Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Silver Nanoparticles enriched Tea Leaves

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Deepak Srisrimal
Saravanan Krishnan
Abhaya Kumar Srisrimal


Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are well recognized for their antimicrobial properties for many years. In the present study, AgNPs synthesized by a green method is investigated for its anti-microbial efficacy, when added in tea leaves. Further, the potential role of AgNPs in controlling the growth of foodborne pathogens was evaluated. Results indicate that AgNPs present in the tea liquor contributes about 50% higher anti-bacterial activity against the foodborne pathogens tested when compared with the untreated tea sample. A significant observation is that the microbial load in the tea reduced due to the presence of AgNPs . Collectively, this study indicates the importance of AgNPs as an anti-microbial agent in controlling the microbial growth associated with food spoilage. In addition, it is likely to enhance the quality and shelf life of tea.


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Srisrimal D, Krishnan S, Srisrimal AK. Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Silver Nanoparticles enriched Tea Leaves. ijpqa [Internet]. 2020 Sep. 25 [cited 2021 Aug. 1];11(03):395-8. Available from:
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